Arthritis is on the rise, according to the CDC

Arthritis is on the rise, according to the CDC

In a recent Facebook post, a member of the Haraka team sparked a conversation about symptoms related to arthritis, without using the term. This was addressed to a somewhat younger demographic – a Mom’s group. Surprisingly, the comments were prolific and spontaneous.  We’d hit a nerve, apparently, at the risk of sounding punny People will complain about stiff joints, swelling, pain, immobility – yet don’t call it arthritis.

Arthritis, as a condition, still gets assigned to “older people,” and when asked, many younger folks will simply refer to having a stiff back, or swollen hands, or even gout. But they don’t realize that these are all symptoms of arthritis. What about the national statistics – is arthritis on the rise, or are we simply bringing previously unnoticed symptoms into the correct label or category. We set out to research this…

Leading the discussion is the Arthritis Foundation with some new trend analysis. They confirm what we stumbled on in our own experiment – younger folks are suffering, but just not realizing its arthritis. While the numbers quoted can’t be taken as absolutely accurate, as the article itself states, it is a good indicator of trends. The costs and financial impact of arthritis on the market shouldn’t be ignored.

What aspects of arthritis can be well managed by you, the sufferer? Yes, we are like like a track stuck on repeat – but it’s true – DIET and EXERCISE remain the primary ways of preventing and treating arthritis. Your joints are the most superbly designed mechanisms. But when they’ve been mistreated and uncared for over the years – no matter the reason (or excuse!) – they require some extra “TLC.” 

Maybe in your younger years, you could get away with over-indulgence, and even the periodical physical abuse of your body maybe because of doing some high impact sport, or any other activities that impacted your joints. While the body is resilient and can heal itself, as it ages, it does need more help. If you discovered recently that you need much longer to shake that hangover, realize that your joints and muscles are feeling the same way.

In another great article from Forbes, in which they also address the prevalence of arthritis in younger people, some helpful suggestions are included in treating arthritis symptoms. My strong caution, however, is related to the somewhat “default” response in taking anti-inflammatory medications. We’re constantly reminding our readers and customers that while these may work as an immediate stop-gap solution, long term use of NSAID’s is counterproductive for your health. Read more here.

Instead, we recommend you start taking Haraka every day, together with a healthy diet and all other exercise and lifestyle changes recommended in these and in our blogs.

I remember chatting with a good friend a few years ago, who loves running. Since we were both approaching our sixties as that point, it really worried me that he thought taking medication, and strapping his creaky/painful knees, while running through the pain, was better than contemplating a joint replacement! Sure, joint replacement can mean the end of your running days, but rather get back the ability to walk and exercise for many more years, than the sacrifice the next marathon will take on your body. My opinion, sure. You may disagree and take the side of my friend. But examine all your facts, and get good advice from your medical providers before you self-treat.

Another great advocate and expert in knowing how to prevent arthritis, especially when you’re younger, is Dr Theodosakis (“Dr Theo”). Besides his book, Dr Theo provided some great preventative advice in this article.  His advocacy for healthy diet and exercise, together with supplementation aligns with our thinking at Haraka.

Being pain free and able to be more active is just the beginning. Quality of life takes all aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual self-care. When you stop and recognize that your body is the vessel that needs to carry you through life, perhaps you will take better care of it. Starting now. Starting today.

Add Haraka to your supplement regime and begin to reclaim YOUR Limber Life!

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