From stiff to supple in 90 days or less – not a pipe dream

From stiff to supple in 90 days or less – not a pipe dream

Getting and staying fit is not an impossible dream – even if you think you’re too old. As we eliminate disease and increase longevity, the quality of life within that longevity is a critical choice.

Early this morning at my gym, I decided to take notice of how many of us exercising in the dark hours before dawn, were at least over 55, if not over 65. I was pleasantly surprised. Not a scientific data analysis at all (!) – but I would say that at least 3-4 in 10 were what society calls “seniors.” There are a few familiar faces I see every time – and they well into their 70’s. (One woman I see at times is in her 80’s. No, not in the pool, nor even on the treadmill – but in the weights area – and doing full bench press and leg work – not dumbbells! (and yup, she’s supple, stands up straight, and doesn’t carry an inch of fat on her.)

On the flip side, when I visit senior living communities – even those with independent living – to deliver talks about Haraka, I am saddened to see how many in the same age category have taken a different path. Not judging at all…hear me out. I recognize that some folks have health issues, have had surgeries, are physically disabled in some way. But how many of us make a choice to not take care of our physical strength and fitness – starting at any age. It’s never too late.

How do we close this gaping delta between two lifestyles within the same demographic?

In my opinion – it’s about education, yes. It’s probably also about having the right information. It’s also critical to get the right help. (don’t go from couch to bench press in a day, without a coach to guide you!) All of this is good, yes – but the #1 first step is to make a decision. Intentional choice is the first step.

We all have the power to make an intentional choice about our health and wellness. We have equally, the power to make excuses. We even have the power to construct our own narratives about our health and fitness, or lack thereof, and speak them so often as to believe them as fact.

It’s not about having the power of choice – it’s whether you chose to use it correctly.

Not making a choice is still making a choice, by the way…

You can find amazing stories of people who did just that – made a choice. (Like this one about Joan MacDonald.)

So, this blog is not about yet again giving you a list of “to do’s” and “to don’ts”…! There are gazillions of those around – including our previous articles. As Les Brown says, “If information is all you needed, we’d all be skinny, rich, and happy!”

This blog is hopefully a wake-up call!

Here are two pictures – which one will you choose as you consider what life will look like in 10 years time?           


Starting from today, what small next steps can you take to transition from stiff to supple? From walker to walks. From couch to treadmill. Whatever a “better future picture” means to you – start now.

All is takes is a decision – to choose a different future for yourself. Then, figure out what to do every day to get there.


We’ve made this easy for you.  Haraka has made a 90-day Action Plan available to get you started. We also are offering you 270 capsules of Haraka for only $39.99.  That’s less than 15c per capsule. 

Add in the supplement to your healthy choices, and by the 90 day mark, chances are you will notice a significant difference. Many of our Haraka customers have noticed subtle, but consistent improvements in overall flexibility.



There is also new emerging information about the breakthroughs in AI technology and what it means to our longevity. As technology advances continue to eliminate what used to be death sentences of diseases, we are living longer. The rapid advancement in AI technology is also pushing things forward in a rapid fashion.

If you’re interested in learning more here is a great YouTube, called Technology and Longevity – How Far Can We Go?

The point is that if we live longer, will it be a joyful, active life – continuing to contribute to the world? Nobody wants to live longer if they are unable to actually live.

One more reason to make an intentional choice, TODAY.

Get moving. Get healthy. Make a decision to own your future life.

Till next time,

Here’s to your Limber Life!

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