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Help spread the word among your network, and earn commission doing it! If you would like to earn an extra income, apply to become a Haraka agent and help spread the word about a product that promotes natural relief and gives people a more limber life.

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Why become a Haraka agent?

  • Share a product that positively imapact the lives of others.
  • Meet many new and interesting people (many will become friends).
  • Earn extra money to help you experience abundance - starting by earning enough to pay for your own product!
  • Become part of a nationwide group who are passionate about healthy living and life fulifillment. (Including agent coaching calls, networking, and other fun events.)
  • Be listed on our national directory of agents, to make it easy for customers to find you.


Agent requirements

  • Have some spare time (and interest/motivation) to take on something new, without quitting your job, or whatever it is you do to pay the bills right now. (You are not job hunting or unemployed)
  • Have access to the 50+ demographic (Friends, family, the local senior community, your senior group at church, senior clubs, etc.)
  • Be comfortable with digital communication (including online purchasing)

Ideal agent requirements

  • Friendly, caring, and relational. (You strike up conversations easily.)
  • Diligent and ambitious. (You are a go-getter and you’re not afraid to work for your goals).
  • Have a financial dream that you want to work toward.(You know what you want and why).
  • Interested in health and wellness and practice your own healthy routines.
  • Willing to jump into something new. (You are not afraid of doing something new.)

If you checked most of these - being a Haraka agent could be for you!


There is no financial outlay and you aren't required to buy inventory, or even do distribution.

You only need to sell 5 bottles a month to get started and earn 20% commission. Within a couple of months, you could be earning 25% commission, as your monthly orders and repeat business grows.

How to apply

  1. Click below and submit the form.
  2. We will reach out to set up a Zoom call to meet you and discuss the viability of your being an agent and giving you the opportunity to ask any questions.
  3. If the outcome of the meeting is positive, you will receive your agent code and go into your onboarding training. The training will include providing you with marketing materials online, or a price sheet to order printed materials from us.
  4. You’re then ready to get going. Help is only a phone call away (especially in the early weeks).
Apply today
  • Level 1 : Haraka Starter

    • Earn 20% commission on all orders - calculated by volume. (i.e. number of bottles sold)
    • Minimum order requirement is 5 bottles per month - including your own.
    • Earn 20% until you pass 100 orders per month - then you join the 99'ers!

  • Level 2 - Haraka 99'ers

    • Earn 25% on all orders - calculated by volume. (i.e. number of bottles sold.)
    • Maintain a minimum volume of 100 bottles sold per month.
    • Earn 25% on all your orders until you pass 200 units per month - then join the Haraka Pro's!
  • Level 3 - Haraka Pro's

    • Earn 30% on all orders - calculated by volume. (i.e. number of bottles sold.)
    • Maintain a minimum of 200 units per month.
    • Haraka Pro's also qualify for a sales bonus pool. (More details to follow.)

How it Works

Being a Haraka agent is simply about sharing information about the product with those you believe would benefit from using it.

We give you the training and access to marketing materials. Free online PDF's and links, or you can order at our cost price. We have a full set of training videos giving you all the information you need to share with others.

Once someone decides to try the product, you take their order while with them - and enter it into the online store, using your agent code. (Or you can do it over the phone with the customer.)

We take it from there!

Plus, we strongly encourage subscription orders - either monthly, or quarterly - for repeat business. Supplements are best taken consistently and subscriptions provide the convenience.

As long as a customer is in the system, all re-orders are assigned to your code.

We encourage you to maintain relationship with all your customers and check in with them regularly. This is part of building the relational community of Haraka, nationwide.

Your Time - Your Goals

The benefit of this sales model is that YOU are 100% in control of your earnings.
Sales volumes are calculated at the end of each month, and commission paid out by the 15th of the following month.
To qualify for the 20% Starter commision, you only need 5 orders to get going. (Do the math - with 5 orders, your commission covers the cost of your product.)
(Think family, friends, colleagues.)